Money Personality
We built a brand around
womenwomen and moneymoney
crystal one
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You are the flame,
we are your little spark.

We recognise that we are not the hero of your financial story— you are.

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You're uniqueunique
and so are we!

We embrace your personality wholeheartedly. It is what inspires us to build.

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We love the
simplicity of lineslines

It reflects our intention to keep it simple. No jargon, no hyperbole and no BS.

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Our logomark is
designed to evolveevolve

Our brand will listen and grow, as your needs do. That's why change is in our logo.

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Meet Poppins, our
brand fontfont

And its little friend, WorkSans

We also use Chillax when we want to have fun!

Abyssal Deep - is our brand color.

Abyssal Deep is a soothing shade of blue inspired by the deep ocean.

We wanted our brand color to invoke a sense of calm when approaching money.

Our six functional colors have multiple use cases. They can change from representing something as powerful as our logo to becoming an entire background.


We also have our five amazing accent colors that allow us to be more casual and dynamic. This palette helps us bridge the gap between functionality and play.